HR & Payroll made simple

Employes is an online tool for business owners to easily manage their payroll and HR activities.

Employes is an online platform that helps companies manage Payroll & HR in a simple, and gorgeous manner. Scroll down to learn more about our process.

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Creating a refreshing online presence in a dull market

The main challenge for this project was to create a new and refreshing online presence for Employes. There are many tools out there that look very dated and have a dull or cumbersome vibe; we challenged that status quo.


User values & brand values;
a perfect match

Essential to each project is to ensure the user and brand match up perfectly. Our research process is a proven method to collaborate with our client towards that goal. Together we created several moodboards and styleboard to confirm style direction for both parties.

Boards image
Boards image
Boards image
Boards image
Color palette


Tasty colors and a modern typeface

Freshening up the color palette was key to making this project feel like a new, yet solid solution. Our chosen typeface is modern, yet sturdy.

Fonts overview

Design system

Neatly organized library of components

As with most of our projects these days we have set up an extensive library of re-usable components that are being used throughout the web application, but also on the marketing website for Employes. The design system allows for rapid iteration and exploration.

Component overview

cross platform

Lovely on all your devices

Being cross platform is somewhat of a pet peeve of ours, striving to create an amazing experience on whatever device you’re currently holding. Our design system was flexible and responsive which in turn makes for easy development.

Desktop dashboard
Mobile dashboard Mobile employees


Adaptive design

Design should adapt to the canvas of your device, which is what we build and designed to ensure that users have an optimal experience.

The design for Employes works perfectly on the go or behind your desk. Making sure you’ve paid your people on the go is now beauitful.

Mobile dashboard Desktop leave

“We were very much impressed by the thorough approach in combination with a quick way of communicating.”

Rob Kroezen, Founder at Employes


Re-imagined with wireframes

Using wireframes we enabled our collaboration process to be efficient and effective. Together with the client we could check off challenging parts of the product, without having to dive into details. Seeing the structure come to live is very useful.




Illustrations for extra emphasis

A big part of the new identity of Employes is the usage of illustrations throughout their product. Both on the website and in the web application illustrations are used to inspire and comfort users with soothing images.

Illustration overview


User stories visualized

Helping the user through the process of using Employes is visualized by a set of illustrations that spark interest and a sense familiarity.

Accountants Illustration FAQ Illustration Verlof Illustration
Interface illus


Flexible code with eye for detail

Each piece of code has been written with intend and optimized for the end user. With small details to re-usable components, the code base for Employes is solid and allows for growth.

makeItSlide() {
   if (this.state.isHoveringNav) {
     setTimeout(() => {
         .transition =
           'all .3s cubic-bezier(.25, .1, .25, 1)'
       }, 300)
     } else {
         .transition = ''


Amazing results

We’re super proud of our full team of accomplishing this end result. It was great journey with our client Rob, and we have created something amazing together. Feel free to browse to to view the real deal, and sign up to the web application to get an impression of that too.