Insights in your driving

Flo let's you become a better driver by tracking your behavior on the road and giving you feedback as you’re driving.

Before we were asked to design the new version of Flo app for iOS we had already worked on the designs for the Flo Android app. Decos, the company behind Flo, wanted us to go far beyong the Android design and create an iOS app that would stand out because of its innovating and modern design.

One of the designs for Flo iOS app

“This super easy app gives you insights in your daily rides since your first ride.”

Hifly Nederland (on the app store)

Defining the Brand

For the iOS app we were able to work upon the strong foundations of the logo that was made earlier when we started working on the Android app. This helped us early on in the process.

The logo stands for efficiency and improvement in your driving; the same values that would have to be conveyed in the overall app design. Logo is done by Jord Riekwel.

Green yet clean

We wanted to find the perfect balance between motivating users to reach their driving goals as well as maintaining the sustainability character the Android app had. The Moodboard we created would show how the 'green' could go well with the 'clean' with a focus on (driving) improvement.

The moodboard we created for Flo

Scores through colors

The dark blueish concrete inspired background would create an immersive experience. This would be complemented with fresh User Interface colors. The challenge was picking a coherent color palette for the interface elements that wouldn't interfere with the green, yellow and red driving score colors.

An overview of all the colors of Flo

Avenir all the way

For the Flo Android app we designed earlier we suggested the use of Avenir. For the iOS app this remained the most suitable typeface for the Flo brand.

For the other elements in the App we used Digital-7, which felt technical.

Clear sans font sample

An innovative companion

Although the algorithm used by Flo app is extemely advanced the user was not supposed to actively experience this in the sense that he shouldn't be overwhelmed with complexity.

Instead the user was supposed to be inobtrusively motivated to improve his driving by getting relative quantified data about his driving behavior; an innovative companion if you will.

“Has really helped me smooth out my driving style and made me more economical.”

Lee Bryer (On the Google Play Store)

Good, better, best...

Not only does Flo give (instant) you peronal feedback on your driving, it also allows you to go toe-to-toe with you friends, family or colleagues. Through scores Flo lets you improve upon every corner, every break and any acceleration.

The final product

Be a better driver, starting today

Decos challenged us to create an innovative iOS app for Flo using gamification and quantified self as main themes. We loved every second of the project. Now we challenge you to try the app and improve your driving!