iOS Workout tracker

Ignite is the best workout tracker you’ll find on the market. An intuitive user experience combined with an immersive user interface makes for the perfect workout companion.

At Yummygum we're big workout fanatics and it felt like there wasn’t a beautiful and good workout app available. Most apps that were available on the App Store were either very out-dated or lacked basic features for us. We wanted to create an app that felt intuitive both for gym veterans as well as beginners.

The workout results logging screen for Ignite

“Just the app I was looking for. Great to track and measure your workouts, lovely design as well.”

The Big Ticket7 (on the app store)

Unique and Visually Stunning

Our mission for Ignite was to create a visually stunning and unique workout tracker for iOS. Branding played a big role in doing that.

The moodboard for Ignite

Defining the Brand

From the moment we started working on Ignite we knew it would have to be a bold and one-of-a-kind brand experience. It would need to stand out from the rest of the apps both User Experience wise as well as style wise.

The one-of-a-kind branding would eventually translate in the use of bold yet friendly typography, large and useful stats, a blazing color palette mixed with friendly typography and beautiful body composition illustrations.

Translating to the Web

The Ignite brand is designed to be very versatile which allowed us to create a gorgeous website to present the app. Using interactions mimicked from the app made sure the website felt dynamic and was a rich experience. These are the same interactions that make Ignite the unique workout tracker it is.

“This is the kind of app I wish someone has done long ago. Amazing UI, super motivating.”

coolnalu (On the App Store)

The final product

Download Ignite for free

Ignite is available on the App Store for free and lets you get the most of the app through In App Purchase extras.